Saturday, March 8, 2008

Gold Coins as a Sound Investment

Are you a dare-devil investor? Or perhaps you enjoy investing in something that you know for a fact will always be worth more then you paid and will continue to grow in value. If you are more of the latter then you need something that will never depreciate. That would be gold, silver etc.

Buying gold coins or ingots can ensure the money you have put in to be a sound investment meaning that they will never be worthless unlike stocks in companies and products. One should never take chances with their money- spend it wisely and you’ll always have it there when you need it.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Idenity Theft

Let me start out by saying that you can NOT eliminate your risk for becoming a target for identity theft, you can only lower your chances through quality information and education.

This article is merely designed to show you what things to look for that can be potentially robbing you blind that most are completely oblivious to. There are ways to guard against this type of abuse, fraud, theft, etc. you just have to know what to do to protect yourself against these manipulative and sometimes vicious attacks.

Identity Theft: Your Information

All information should be on a need to know basis and no one 'needs' to know. Of course there will be times when you need to verify who you are in order from the bank, DMV, or other such institution to know that you are the person they are talking to. But this should only happen when YOU call THEM. If your bank, the DMV, your credit card company etc. calls you to 'verify' your billing information, update their files etc. simply tell them "I'm sorry, I am so busy right now I'll call you right back." And hang up promptly; do not wait for them to say a word. Then call the facility back and tell them what happened if by any small chance it was legit they will applaud your reaction and change the way they handle their business. On the other hand, if they say that no such call would've come from them then you just saved yourself a nightmare you wouldn't want to even conceive.

Many con artists will say that they need your social security number for confirmation on a delivery or service- they may tell you that you will get into trouble if you don't supply them with this information.... This is a scam!!! Don't fall for it. Ask questions such as: Who do you work for? Why would you need this information? Once you get a business name hang up immediately and call the company and ask if they need that info- DO NOT call a number that they have supplied you with! By finding (either in your phone book or online) a business number and calling them directly you are making absolutely sure that the call was legit.

Identity Theft: Ways You can be Targeted
I have always said that with a great invention the bad guys can use it for evil purposes. This is so true. Picture phones are all the rage. How many times have you been in line at your favorite store and noticed the guy (or girl) behind you acting as if they are 'checking their phone messages' or looking through their contacts while you were paying with your credit card? Unfortunately, if this has happened to you then your credit card was most likely caught on their camera. This is the newest and best way to capture someone's credit card number. The reason it is so widely used is because you wouldn't think a person who isn't even looking at you or making direct eye contact with your credit card is anything to worry about. This is the master manipulation of identity thieves. They want you to feel safe and secure in your surroundings, that way they can go home and download all the pictures, clean up the resolution a bit and see as clear as day the number to make online purchases.

Online there are so many ways to find your information IF you store your important documents in your files. First, if you store ANYTHING on your computer that you don't want any one to see or find then you must invest in software that can offer firewalls and hacker proof safeguards that will not allow people to hack in whenever they want to see what you have that they can steal. Also, be aware of the websites you go to... do not give out your personal information ever!!! There are quite a few mock 'paypal' sites that make you think that they are the real thing but are only waiting for you to log in so the criminals on the other end can go to the 'real' site with your user name and password and empty your account.

Yep, it is that easy! Who knew?

Identity Theft: Conclusion

It is also important to note that you can further protect yourself against identity theft if you get a free copy of your credit report each and every year. This will keep you apprised of every move that is made on your behalf and it may stop a con artist's little game before it can even get started. Remember that these losers are always looking for the easy money and they will target anyone they can to steal from.

Radio Career

Ah yes, being on the air, a fantasy that most people share at some point in their lives. It is rather common and usually surfaces during those tough teen years. Regardless when the dreams of being an on-air personality came to be, there is hope for all those that are seeking a place in this industry.

Just like the movie business and all the other complex fields of interest, there are many kinds of jobs open to you. The career opportunities do not end with radio personalities only, oh no. They actually have numerous moving parts that help them make up a spectacular trade. Depending on what exactly interests you the most, finding your niche can be an involved task that takes some consideration prior to jumping into the waters of the radio business.

Your Radio Career: Types of On-Air Jobs Available

The most popular radio job is that of the disc jockey, or D.J.. Dreaming of becoming a person driven by popularity and giving listeners what they truly desire at various points in there every day lives is a powerful feeling and one that is reserved for only those with a strong social connection, those who are open and welcoming to everyone that has a request. D J's can earn anywhere from $20,000-1 million a year. Some stations require you have a degree in vocational training in broadcasting.

The talk show hosts are also much admired in this field. They can be into passionate circumstances and love ballets or the loud mouth into hard rock. Depending solely upon your style and tastes in music you can create the perfect host for listeners in all walks of life. Talk show hosts can make between 20,000- 1 million+ , special skills needed are formal education and expertise in subjects you intend to talk about.

Announcers can be the hidden yet prominent factor in radio. It's more of a mysterious role that demands a sense of creativity blended with a serious attribute that can be manipulated in every possible way. Announcers make $20,000-55,000 a year. Depending on the station you wish to work for, they may require a college degree in vocational training.

Your Radio Career: A Career News
For this part in radio a person is looking at a ton of career possibilities. Despite the options you have to choose from the career is very rewarding and can literally be anything you want. If you consider yourself more of a writer then you should look into starting a career as a news writer or assignment editor. If however, you think of yourself as a leader you can choose to be a director or producer. The reporter does get the cream of the crop, the salary, the fame, etc. You should choose based upon your comfort levels surrounding the fame part of this career.

Your Radio Career: Your Sports Career

Okay sports lovers, the perfect job. This type of radio job has both primary and assistant directors and a producer so if you have leadership qualities and know what drives people to crave your creativity then this is the perfect career option for you.

Commentators are also popular as well the sportscaster and actual host. The difference is of course the type of talk show you are on. If on the other hand you are more anxious to write the dialogue and present your views on the teams and their works then that is certainly a wonderful choice as well.

So, if you love sports and eat, drink and sleep it then this may be the perfect career for you to follow through with.

Your Radio Career: What's Your Fancy?

Now that you know what the kinds of careers you can be a part of in the radio industry, you can make the best career choice for your life and situation. Take a hold of your talents and nurture your creativity. Only then will you be able truly embrace a job in radio like the ones defined here.

Nursing Career

It is no secret that the medical career is one that has countless rewarding benefits but it is also a career that is a guaranteed 'in demand' opportunity no matter where you may go in life... and trust me, life will take you places even when you don't necessarily make a concrete plan of action first. Regardless where you may move in your lifetime your skills as a nurse will be desired in hospitals, clinics, etc. This article can help aspiring nurses see just what this profession has to offer and perhaps give a little insight into a nursing career.

The Fulfillment and Satisfaction of a Nursing Career

Once a person has decided that a nursing career is right for them many things must take place in order for their goals to be realized. First, making sure that educative measures such as medical journals and other publications are serving your purpose to further educate your thriving mind is essential. Be at the top of your game. Secondly, get a good education. There are so many schools to choose from even if you are working a full time job there are great schools on the internet to provide you with all you need to graduate. No matter the type of school, a standard brick an mortar academy or an internet based study plan, both are means for a solid education.

The satisfaction of getting out there and enjoying helping others through a career in nursing is an excellent way to help others as they face their gravest moments. It is a security blanket to know that whatever life throws your way, the career that has been chosen is one of the best choices that have been made in your existence. A nursing career is probably one of the most responsible actions a person can take because of the satisfaction it brings as well as the abundant workforce that is always calling for professionals in this area.

Men in the Nursing Field
I think that it is not only a cruel stereotype but also an ignorant assumption that nurses should be women and not men. Men have just as much right to a nursing career as women. In fact what appeals so many to this career is the fact that they would like to doctors but unfortunately do not have the resources or time to take the multitude of school years that it would take to acquire the necessary education that one would need to become a doctor. This has no bearing on gender whatsoever.

We know that in the nursing profession a man is the minority... but why? The few that decide that the nursing career is one that they wish to pursue are never dissatisfied with their choice... in fact studies have shown that a man is just as happy in this career as a woman. It is high time that men start taking full advantage of this and become more involved with this career... they may find it much easier and perhaps more fulfilling than they would've ever imagined.

Working Toward a Successful Nursing Career

Because the nursing career is one of unlimited value in almost every respect the nurse that graduates from virtually any academy is able to make their 'own rules' so to speak. Now then, this means that a nurse is able to draw up an employee contract of sorts. Nurses can write up a valid contract of responsibilities should they be hired for what ever company. But this should be handles with much care. The persons that choose a nursing career should include how they can help the cause, the patients, the organization and become a better nurse through experience and education.

This ought to accompany the résumé which can lead to a more impressive background and up front leadership qualities than can boost you forward in the nursing career at a rapid rate. When designing your résumé include anything and everything possible that can serve as a credit or educational experience. Whether it is a list of 'volunteer' actions or training courses that have been taken, all are wonderful additions to this process and can be the defining moment on whether or not you are hired over another applicant. Also, if you have any managerial experience or education it is pertinent to list. All of these things can propel a nurse forward- fast!

So, in closing, this may have been the best decision you have even made... enjoy this choice to follow a career in nursing.

Pedometer: Lose Weight!

Have you ever wondered just how active you are in a day? I know many of us feel as though we are constantly running around and our lives are extremely hectic, but it is really quite fascinating to find out just how active we really are. If you are over weight or if you want to lose an extra few pounds then I have just the device for you.

You have heard of pedometers that count your movements right? Well, that is an excellent idea but there is actually a product that goes above this very limited focus. When we want to 'track' our movements in this manner we want the most comprehensive to use tool with many helpful settings and modes readily available at the tip of our finger. There are numerous devices on the market these days but none that fit the bill in every way that really counts.

A Great Device to Help You Lose Weight: The Best Product to Buy

I say that it is the best because I not only weighed in its accuracy and the fact that it is an all around prime working device but also for the fact that it is inexpensive and light weight. These are all attributes that make the Oregon Scientific Calorie Stepper a rewarding purchase. It costs under $10 and for all that it does this is an amazing price. The device is so small that it fits in the palm of your hand and it won't weigh down your shirt if you choose to clip it on your collar.

This device helps you lose weight by allowing you to track your weight while it counts every single calorie you burn in your daily life. The display screen can tell you the distance you walk in a day whether it is around your house or at work. Imagine, being able to enjoy the knowledge of your weight loss progress.

A Great Device to Help You Lose Weight: Think Healthy, Live Happy!

This is an ideal device for anyone seeking to lose a few pounds or just curious as to how 'busy' they actually are during the day. For an accurate count of calories burned watch it go when exercising and working out it will really make you feel good about your fitness goals!

The Calorie Stepper makes a great gift idea for the fitness freaks in your life or for yourself if you are trying to live a little healthier.

Great Teaching tool

As most of you know I recently wrote an article entitled, "Do you Have a Child Thinking About Medicine as their Career" and I showed my readers about a wonderful product that showed how high school kids could learn about diseases and properly diagnose patients. Well, I went one step further and have another great product that I am testing out on my child who is going to college for a nursing career next year.

The product is "The Apprentice Doctor Kit". It contains everything your child needs to really get to know a doctor's or nurse's at work lifestyle. Including (real, working items) a stethoscope, ostoscope, examination light, digital thermometer, body marker pen, ruler, tongue depressor, gloves, face masks and medical files such as eyes charts etc.. A CD Rom helps educate them in the ins and outs of physicals and the diagnosis process.

This is a superb way to teach your kids about the daily activities that they will be facing and the correct way to perform certain tests to find the problem areas of their patient's over all discomfort. Combine this with anatomy lessons and it can tremendously help kids interested in this field be prepared for exactly what is ahead of them. Helping them understand this career can help ease them into their college courses.

This is not only an exciting study tool for kids aimed at this career but it also a solid investment for your family's health as well. While they learn, you do too. And with real equipment you can check out problems as they arise and make the determination between a real medical emergency and something you can fix. It allows you to perform standard tests to make sure your family members are healthy and happy. Physicals are important but we don't always go to the doctor as often as we should. Just think of how easy it will be to learn from a doctor guiding you through all of the steps and you performing the procedures. The entire kit is under $50 which is really quite a steal for everything you get in it. I definitely recommend this product.

So, regardless of your needs whether it is because your kids want a career in nursing or medicine or because you want to be able to use the real equipment at home to keep up on your family's physical health, this product is perfect for your situation.

Laser Light

The science of sound; an intriguing topic for anyone that craves the inner vibrations and outward reflection through intense movement of that which they hear. So, what type of gift would be perfect for someone like this? A laser light show that creates images by the vibrations of sound. I am talking about The Red Hot Laser Light Show.

Its look is designed in the image of a comet or meteor with flames pulling at the rear. This product isn't just good for personal use but it is a total kick for parties and entertaining. Different settings make for a wonderful experience. Depending what the over all goal is, it can be the perfect accessory. This specific product is very versatile. It can stand on a table top, or hang from the ceiling. Because it uses four 'AA' batteries there is no cord or limited range of use.

No matter the music lover in your life, this product can, through a sensitive microphone, produce the images of light through various vibrations. Christmas music allows for a soft enchanting show while rock n roll provides a wild casting of beams that are both unpredictable and breathtaking. My review on this product started out as a skeptical stance but after testing out different music I can assure you that I will be using the product at every holiday get together and entertainment party I throw. I also recommend the Red Hot Laser Light Show for any dances you coordinate like: school, anniversary, weddings, birthdays etc.

When I said in my review that this would make a great gift for music lovers I didn't only mean for Christmas, although that is a prime opportunity. I have found this product to work well as a soothing device for babies so it could be just as handy for a baby shower gift. Birthdays are ideal times to present this gift idea, especially for those that entertain or those who absolutely love music. Weddings... oh yeah, a pretty sweet honey moon product can offer a way for the new couple to forget about time and enjoy each other with a modern twist. You re creative, think of all the ways this product could be the ultimate gift for the music lovers in your life. No matter the time of year or occasion it can serve the purpose of being a unique item that will be enjoyed endlessly.